The 3-Day Online Gut Check Strategy

The proven step-by-step process to a healthy gut!

February 12 -14th

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Video #1: Little things done daily add up to big changes


Video #2: Maintaining health is the foundation upon all else rests


Video #3: Do not push or over-treat your body


• Control Type 2 diabetes with simple changes?
• Reduce in size? … Permanent Weight Loss
• Say goodbye to bloat?
• Desire food? … Sustain Life?
• Improve digestion?
• Eliminate toxins?
• Restore a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut?
• Reduce cravings?
• Alkalise and cleanse your body?
• Improve heart health & decrease inflammation?
• Improve energy?
• Improve skin problems?
• Improve fertility?

That’s where this bootcamp comes in!

1)Remove, 2) Repair, 3) Restore, and 4) Replace

“Leaky gut” means instead of foods being broken down, absorbed, and eliminated, partially digested foods can cross through the damaged area of the intestinal lining and enter the blood stream directly.

Healing and sealing the gut lining will allow your body to build a strong immune system and produce the right amount of neurotransmitters for the best ‘gut feeling’ … to be well again.


What to Expect

Once you sign up, you will get access to Video #1 immediately. Video #2 will be released on February 13th and Video #3 will be available on February 14th.

Brains behind The Gut Academy

Lynnie Stein is passionate about health. Lynnie has studied nutrition and the author of Healthy Treats (1980) and Food for Love (1994) and various eBooks. Fermenting for Life (the proven step-by-step system to fermentation). The Gut Academy create awesome fermented food online course + Love your Gut membership + Healing Gut coaching program + Founder of Slim Gut … slimming the world, one gut at a time.

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