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Sharing Fermentation – Skills for Life!

Making your own fermented foods will not only dramatically increase your health, but also save you money!

Home-made fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria (called probiotics).

Having sufficient quantity and diversity of such bacteria in our digestive tract is essential for strong immunity, digestive function, metabolism / weight control, clear skin and brain function – to name just a few reasons.

Bottom line, if you want to clean up your gut repopulating it with beneficial bacteria is a requirement.

The complete, proven step-by-step system to fermentation and healing your gut!


Step-by-step strategy plan

We have Member Forums where you can ask questions of your fellow students (and share your successes).
You will also be inspired by others’ creativity and success.

Ditch the overwhelm

When you first start learning about fermented foods, it’s exciting. So much so that you might get carried away, dive into all kinds of different ferments and get a bit overwhelmed. You will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused, to confident and motivated to take action.


You will stop being confused, and turn badass and cool.

It is all about the result

And if you need one more reason:

The entire team at The Gut Academy is here to help you. The Private Facebook group as an incredible resource (if you have burning questions, want some feedback, etc.). You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded people who all share the same goals. 

This is how it Works

you will receive access to a library of over 30 eboooks + 8 mini modules + optional Facebook group where the Gut Goddess will be live to keep you motivated and answer any questions


30 – Day 100% money-back Guarantee

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Bonus Gift

Bonus gift – meal planner and food mood tracker

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where all participants can share their work, ideas and results and get feedback and support from fellow membership and the Gut Goddess Join Here

Hi! I am Lynnie aka The Gut Goddess

Lynnie Stein is a naturally gifted speaker, presenter and mentor who brings the often-confusing world of nutrition, fermentation and healthy eating to life with demonstrations and real-life examples.

Lynnie Stein boasts serious kraut credentials … Long story short … Lynnie has over half century inspiration from German family heritage.

Lynnie is slightly obsessive on health, studied nutrition and author of Healthy Treats (1980) and Food for Love (1994) and various eBooks. Healing gut programme + Founder of Slim Gut … slimming the world, one gut at a time.

When Lynnie is not cooking and fermenting, writing about food, can be found indulging passions for growing own food, collecting chicken eggs and long walks with Cassie the dog, in the country with wild “Free” foods to transform into fermentables.

Lynnie’s dad, Stanley Stein and his dad (Peter Stein) were brewing and baking legends and made brews from everything that grew and nothing was wasted – bottles of potato schnapps to spruce beer from the Christmas tree, country fruit wines, boozy goat milk, mead’s from the bush bees and weeds. Chin! Chin!


It is ALL about the result?

By the end you will:


the type of equipment required for your budget


the execution plan

Pick out

where you want to start on your fermenting journey, knowing you are doing it the correct way


the entire doing and play schedule


necessary preparations to launch your fun and easy gut-loving lifetime journey

The Gut Academy, at your own pace and your own schedule!!


Introducing The ‘F’ word


– Sexy Sauerkraut


– Kimchi a day, keeps the doctor away


– Fermented brine vegetables


– Crafting of Milk Kefir

Module 6

– No MOO milk fermentation

Module 7

Tippling Pure

– Scrap vinegar
– Fire cider / master tonic

Module 8

Toast to our Health

– kombucha
– water kefir

Happy Mind + Happy Gut Library

Introduction to fermentation
A-Z fermentation
Gut-healing – Love your gut (step by step guide to healing your gut)
Fermentation – the oldest culture on earth (the history of fermentation)
Oats & friends
Bush Tucker
Foraging + fermenting
Cultured walkabout beverages
Water Kefir
Fermented beverages
Feral milk
Wild coconut
Something to be nutty about
Fermenting garden … tips for using scraps to feed back to the soil
Say kefir cheese
In a pickle
Garlic + ginger
Fermented vegetables
Preserved citrus
Sexy sauerkraut
Fermented beans
Rice and all fermented things nice
Motherhood bread
Bacterial beauty
Fermented meat + eggs The meaning of life

Bonus gift – meal planner and food mood tracker

What do you say?

Are you ready to ditch the fermentation overwhelm and confusion? Join us and we will take out all the confusion and show you the RIGHT, easy way to ferment the harvest. 

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