10 for $10

  • 10 Ferments (made in less then 10 minutes)
  • 10 Video lessons you can access anytime (so you can learn at your own pace and come back to again and again)
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The only problem is?  You don’t know where to start


• Struggle to find time and keep motivated?

• Not sure of the correct containers and technique to use?


You will learn the artistry

and alchemy

to make fermented foods at home.

Starting with 10 easy & quick,

step by step recipes.

Plus medicinal,


and healing!

Growing food is like printing your own money.
Fermenting the harvest is like super compounding interest!

Little did I realise that at the age of five when my grandmother Matilda Augusta Stein was teaching me how to sow seeds of the humble Cabbage, that she was sowing the seed of a lifelong passion in gardening, foraging, fermenting and food as medicine.

We love to plant seeds in the Earth. That seed will grow and give fruit. In 20 years you will still be doing what we’re doing, and you’re going to teach it to others.
Sharing the gift of fermentation – Skills for Life!

 Big Love & bacteria, Xo, Lynnie

Are you ready to ferment 10 bottles with 10 foods in less then 10 minutes for ONLY $10? 


Introducing 10 for $10 Course

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

Medicine in a Jar

(Sauerkraut Tonic / Juice / Saft)
Take a shot 15 minutes before eating to ameliorate acid reflux.

Module 2

Hazzah Beet Kvass!

Liver Cleanser, Hangover relief!

Salad dressing + more

Module 3

Quickie Kimchi

Kimchi a day keeps the doctor away! On the side, as a topping, in dishes. Bloody Mary and more!

Module 4

Let’s Salsa

A meal on the fly! This is tasty and easy fast- food to top sliced bread and a drizzle of oil and herbs.

Module 5

Pink Falafel Pickles

Gosh what cannot be made sour and satisfying with a little time under the brine?

Module 6

Coco Cabana

Fermented Coconut Chutney. Yum with a curry or an addition to pineapple salsa, top a bean burger or loaf.

Module 7

Pain Fighting Duo

Turmeric and ginger are a powerful combination

anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties

Module 8

Oh, My Darling Clementine

The Moors reason for preserving citrus was the usual one.

It was a way of enjoying the fruit, long after the season had passed.

Module 9

Calcium & Mineral Rich Vinegar

For a sleep aid.

Also great as part of a marinade, whether using for tempeh, tofu, or meat

Module 10

Medicinal Liquor

From the father of medicine. Hippocrates prescribed for fevers, to ease convalescence, antiseptic & digestive aid



Fermentation Glossary 

Acronyms, tools, tips, containers, food, recipes, techniques, bacteria, cultures, gut-health.  10 health transformations


June Gut Club

Implementation club in our private members only group. 


“By the time you’ll complete the 10 for $10 course, you will be on the path to the amazing fermenting food journey”

Lynnie Stein
Creator of The Gut Academy

Where we take out the confusion on fermenting your food and help you Master Your Gut!

What People Are Saying

Lynnies depth of knowledge is beyond belief and makes the process so simple to put into action straight away.

Happy tummy’s all around here. Thank you.

Anna Sheed

Counselor, Betterminds

It shows you have a lifetime of experience

Ann Nelson

Author, Ann Nelson: Retire Well, Retire Happy

Lynnie guides you with her fermentation wisdom, loving support, and kindness on how to love ya guts!

Samantha Jurgens

Holistic Therapist, Nature Kids Club

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